Firenze Rings

Whether worn individually or stacked with other
rings for an exciting look: a timeless ring with a
large stone of 42-facet crystals creates a
sparkling wow factor

Firenze Rings


Discover our unique FIRENZE collection, where timeless elegance meets modern style. Our rings from this collection epitomise the perfect union of sophistication and contemporary beauty. Worn individually or combined to create an exciting ring-stacking effect, each ring features a large stone consisting of 42 faceted crystal stones. The carefully cut facets create a stunning wow factor that bathes your wrist in a sparkling light.


The FIRENZE rings are made from highly polished stainless steel – available in gold, rose gold and silver. The highlight of this ring is the large stone, a crystal solitaire with 42 fascinating facets. This sparkling crystal is available in a wide range of classic basic colours and the latest trend colours of the season.


A ring is also a wonderful and highly personal gift. Our FIRENZE rings are more than just jewellery – they are an expression of individuality and timeless style. The clear elegance of the large crystal stone gives each ring a subtle yet memorable touch. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, Firenze rings are versatile companions that elegantly emphasise your personality. The stainless-steel rings are available in ring sizes 48 to 64. They can also be beautifully combined with one of our elegant necklaces or our earrings.